Who We Are and What We Do

Juliana Brown & Richard Mowbray
We do group and individual work in Primal Integration and Bodywork. Primal Integration involves an exploration of our deeper levels of experience with a view to being more alive and living more authentically. This process fosters ‘growth forces’ which can help splits in our being to heal and blocks to our doing to resolve.
Traumatic and other experiences in early life may interrupt the wholeness of our development. Such experiences may have occurred during childhood, birth or before. Integrating these experiences into consciousness – acknowledging them as memories – reduces the confusion between what was the and what is now and releases more of our energy and qualities for life in the present. Primal Integration is concerned with both the recovery of the self one has apparently lost and the discovery of the self one has yet to become.
In our groups and individual sessions we endeavour to create an environment conducive to this process of connection, expression and integration and one which allows both the freedom to stretch our wings and the security to explore our most vulnerable and fearful states of being.
We also facilitate the process in a variety of ways including Primal Bodywork, and work with feelings, dreams, fantasies, thoughts, and words. Self-direction and self-responsibility are particularly emphasised.
The work we currently offer is a synthesis that we have evolved over the last 42 years since our training with Bill Swartley, the original developer of Primal Integration. Other major influences include work and further training with Frank Lake, a pioneering explorer of pre- and peri-natal experiences and the configurational psychology of Francis Mott. Richard has also trained in bodywork with Jack Painter (Postural Integration) and Curtis Turchin (Pulsing and Postural Integration).
Our comprehensive programme of Primal Integration – monthly weekend groups, weekly ongoing groups, periodic residential group intensives and regular individual sessions – has been running at the Open Centre and elsewhere since 1979.
We are co-authors of “Primal Integration” for Innovative Therapy – A Handbook (OUP, 1994) and “Visionary Deep Personal Growth” for What’s the Good of Counselling & Psychotherapy? (Sage, 2002). Richard is also author of The Case Against Psychotherapy Registration – A Conservation Issue for the Human Potential Movement (Trans Marginal Press, 1995) and various other publications in that area including for Controversies in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Sage, 1999).
From March 2020 until recently, many of our groups have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
We are cautiously re-starting our programme.
Covid protocols will be in place for admission to groups. Details upon enquiry or booking, and may change as circumstances change.

Primal Integration
Weekend Groups

7-9 Oct 2022
25-27 Nov 2022

Ongoing Groups
29 Sept to 3 Nov 2022(6 Thursday evenings)
10 Nov to 8 Dec 2022 (5 Thursday evenings)

Summer Residential 2022 24-29 July

More info: www.primalintegration.com
Tel: 020 8341 7226 (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm)
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Silke Ziehl
I see my work as exploring with people how to achieve a more balanced and joyful way of living in their bodies and in the world.
Rather than ‘breaking through armour’ I believe in following the small movements, sensations, feelings, thoughts or intuitions which are accessible. By paying attention to them and allowing them to develop further we can unravel the knot, and move closer to a deeper, fuller, more alive energy and reconnect with parts of the body-mind-spirit with which we had lost contact.
To facilitate this process in others I use my amalgamation of Reichian Energetic Integration, Postural Integration, Pulsing and Huna Bodywork. But most importantly, I bring myself, my awareness, perceptions and feelings which I share with you.
Over the years I trained extensively in a wide range of systems of working with the body/mind/emotions/spirit. I am a qualified Bodypsychotherapist and Acupuncturist as well as a trainer in Postural Integration, Energetic Integration and Pulsing. I have run bodywork groups since 1978 in Britain, Germany and Greece, and bodywork trainings since 1982.

Deep Bodywork and Pulsing
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Training & CPD
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Deep Bodywork 1-year Foundation Training starts 28-31 May 2021 postponed
More Info: www.entelia.com
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