An Introduction to the Open Centre

The Open Centre, located in London, is one of the longest established centres for self-development in the UK, having been founded in 1977 in the same premises at 188 Old Street, London EC1.

We have held numerous group workshops and sessions offering people, by a variety of means, an opportunity, in a supportive environment to look deeply and realistically at all aspects of themselves – body, mind, feelings, spirit, relationships with others, assumptions and decisions about life and work, etc. We encourage the translation of this resulting increased awareness into everyday life to make lives more fulfilling and to help enhance the world we live in.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a particularly adverse effect on the work we offer - it being contactful, expressive and non-socially distanced by its very nature.

A list of the workshops that could not go ahead due to the pandemic can be found here, by way of honouring what might have been.

We are cautiously re-opening our programme with some Primal Integration groups, with Covid protocols in place. The first groups we were able to run since the first lockdown were the Primal Integration Summer Residential in Devon in July 2021, and the Primal Integration Weekend group in September 2021. However, due to escalating Covid infection rates in the community, we have cancelled weekend groups proposed for October and December. We hope to be able to resume weekend groups in January 2022.

We also hope to be able to offer workshops in other modalities in due course: Deep Bodywork, Energetic Integration, Kahuna, Postural Integration, Pulsing, Bioenergetics, and more.

Our member practitioners are:

• Silke Ziehl (Deep Bodywork, Pulsing)
• Juliana Brown (Primal Integration)
• Richard Mowbray (Primal Integration and Bodywork)

In addition to the general impact of the pandemic, we have also lost a key member of the Open Centre - Guy Gladstone (Bioenergetics and Psychodrama), whose decision to retire was accelerated by the consequences of the pandemic. Guy has been an integral part of the Open Centre for many years and his presence here will be much missed. We thank him for all he brought to the Open Centre, and wish him all the best for an enjoyable, energetic, creative and fulfilling retirement, of which, read more - here.

The Open Centre has gone paperless for now! We have not printed a brochure for the forthcoming year. Instead, dates will appear on this website.

To contact us, please use the email form on the contact page.