Introductions to our work

Advance booking is necessary for the introductory events with specific dates. Your booking fee should be sent to the practitioner concerned and must reach them a minimum of 3 days beforehand. You must include a contact telephone number. For further information about these events, please contact the practitioners concerned rather than the general Open Centre enquiries number.

Introductory events are not available for Primal Integration. Introductions to Primal Integration are on the basis of a personal introductory interview. See below.
Deep Bodywork
Silke Ziehl
Introductory evenings - tba
Each evening is about Deep Bodywork (including Postural Integration®) in the context of the particular theme. There will be time to ask questions. Advance booking required – see above.
Silke Ziehl

Introductory evening - tba
The evening is about Pulsing and its roots in Hawaiian sacred bodywork, as well as Western body therapy. There will be time to ask questions. Advance booking required – see above.
Primal Integration
Juliana Brown & Richard Mowbray

Introductory interview on request Interviews are currently being carried out by email and phone only.
We will ask you questions about yourself, explain the work to you in more detail and answer your questions. The process takes approx 45 mins and there is no charge for it. To arrange this, contact us on (020) 8341 7226 (M-F 9am-9pm) or by email to For further information about Primal Integration see our website: